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Swedish Folk Songs for Trombone

Explore the haunting beauty of traditional Swedish folk songs for solo trombone. Ten lyrical melodies that have stood the test of time, and will serve as an excellent addition to the arsenal of any trombonist, whether for practice or performance.

Each melody is written in a high and a low key, in order to challenge the range and control of the advanced player and also allow beginners and intermediate players an entry point to playing these beautiful melodies. These simple and melodic songs can be used to keep your warm-up fresh or as recurring vehicles for lyrical studies. The author has also included a set of suggested exercises for this material revolving around range, intonation, transposition, and playing by ear.

Download all the recordings as a set of mp3-files by clicking "Download Album" below. The book is available via Amazon as a paperback, or as a PDF download from this website.

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